Listed below are the four types of items that you must have prepared in order to complete your profile.

Introduction Video

You must create a video clip which should be less than 45 seconds in duration introducing yourself as part of your profile. This can be taken using the camera feature on a smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop computer and must include the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. What you want to study
  3. One interesting fact about yourself

We are focused on the content of the video and not the aesthetics, so please dress as casually or formally as you would like, whichever is your preference.  The video should be taken in a quiet environment with a neutral background.

Identification Card

You must provide an identification card in a JPEG format to Fanping when you create your profile.

You will need a copy of your national identification (ID) card.  You can obtain a copy of the card by taking a picture with your smartphone, tablet, or digital camera, or by scanning it into your computer. 

This identification card will not be viewed by anyone other than individuals working for Fanping. No identifying information will be released, unless you give us permission to release that type of information.

Test Scores 

Fanping does not expect students to have taken every test listed below. The only required score that students must self-report in their profile is their prior grade point average (GPA). For all examinations, please have the composite scores as well as section scores available to report.

If you misrepresent yourself or these scores in any way and there is a discrepancy with your official application, the university reserves the right to terminate the application at any time without refund.

All students creating a profile may be required to provide Fanping with any of these available self-reported scores:

  1. Undergraduate/Graduate cumulative grade point average
  2. Proof of English Proficiency (TOEFL and/or IELTS)
  3. ACT and/or SAT scores (if applicable)
  4. GRE, MCAT, MLAT, LSAT, and/or GMAT composite and subsection scores (if applicable)

Written Statement

Students must prepare an original statement of less than 1,000 characters in English (which includes letters, spaces, punctuation, etc.) to include in their profile.  Students must write what he or she wants to study.